Event summary

“How to formulate research questions ”

As a follow up to the previous course “How to formulate a research problem?” Prof. Ammou Sohaib continued with a new chapter “How to formulate research questions? “ on the 11th of September 2022. Firstly, the presentation commenced with an emphasis on the immense important of literature review and study; to verify published data and identify knowledge gaps which facilitates the formulation of research questions. Secondly, we discussed the different types of the latter and which one shall be used by novice researchers. Thirdly, we developed a clear idea concerning sub-questions, as they need to follow a certain logic and be descriptive and comparative. Finally, various hypothesis must be tested either with statistical or literature research. In certain cases, we can work with hypothesis instead of using sub-questions.

The training was concluded with activities to solidify learned input through the course. Participants were engaged and had thoughtful questions and ideas during this session.


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