The beginning

The Association of Scientific Research, Innovation and Technology, is a non profit organization aiming for the improvement and development of scientific research fields. ASRIT is working on expanding all revitalized and new ideas throughout workshops, seminars training and international scientific conferences. ASRIT is willing to bring together all members of the association and social actors in order to develop and exchange both scientific ideas and professional performances, between the different entities and institutions involved in the scientific production, either inside or outside the Kingdom of Morocco.

"Combining scientific research with technology and innovation can and will transform the future of humanity. "

Youssef Jdidou Founder - President of the Association of Scientific Research, Innovation and Technology
Scientific Research

Help is our main goal !!

ASRIT is founded and organized by a team of Academics, Professors of higher education, Researchers and PhD students covering different areas of expertise.

ASRIT’s Mission

Is to promote and enhance the dialogue in Scientific Research,  Innovation and Technology among the institutions devoted to Science and Technology fields through:

• Organizing international conferences on Innovation, Technology and Education.

• Enhancing communication among scientists, engineers, and the public.

• Promoting and defending the integrity of science and its uses.

• Promoting the responsible use of science in public policy.

• Strengthening and diversifying the science and technology workforce.

• Fostering education in science and technology for everyone.

• Increasing public engagement with science, technology and innovation.

• Advancing international cooperation in science.


Besides promoting the dissemination of knowledge for all, we also cooperate with organizations that work on the improvement of quality of life for people affected by poverty, hunger, diseases and illiteracy.

ASRIT has active international collaborators all over the world. Its headquarter is currently based in Tetuan (Morocco).

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