Event summary

“How to formulate a research problem”

On the 4th of September 2022 the first chapter of the initiation to PhD series: “how to formulate a research problem” organized in the Association of Scientific Research, Innovation and Technology headquarters and animated by one of our experts Prof. Souhaib AAMMOU was held. Participants from various scientific discipline have joined to be informed about the different aspects related to the contriving of a research problem.

The event begun with a brief presentation of our Association vision and its different initiatives. After our presentation, Prof. Souhaib AAMMOU started by defining the essence of a research problem in addition to citing the different types of research, then he went in deep dissecting the research problem into two main parts: The theoretical framework (theme, motivation, references …) and the problems (question, hypothesis, and methodology). The event served as an interactive ground as participants delved in the subject with various questions and observations.


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