ASRIT Conferences

During each year ASRIT organizes a variety of events: conferences, workshops, seminaries …
Through the organization of different events, it brings together institutions, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation.
This initiative creates a productive atmosphere to promote scientific research technology and innovation throughout the full spectrum of age such as:

1. International Conferences on Education & Technology

2. Conferences on Humanities, Social Science & Business Management

3. Workshops on Computer Science, Machine Learning and Big Data

4. Debates on Language, Literature and Culture

5. Seminars on Chemical and Environmental Science

A yearly schedule of various events will be put to place to achieve our main objectives which is knowledge for all. Acquiring visibility on national and international levels, will aid the creation of links of cooperation between institutes and individuals around the world leading to the dissemination of scientific, cultural and technological activities.

The research problem

Regardless of the type of research you want to conduct, you must know how to formulate a research question.

Research questions

Once the research problem has been identified, the next step is to formulate research questions to be answered by the study.

The scientific approach in research

We cannot talk about science without talking about a scientific approach or method.


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