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Young and competent people are often recognized as the vibrant conscience of the world being the active drivers of social change, cultural heritage, scientific and technological prosperity of any progressive nation. Challenges of local communities in developed countries, which necessitate re-orientation of youths, include family instability, moral bankruptcy, increasing population and unemployment, declining fortunes of education, bad governance, defective service delivery, and unhealthy lifestyles of the citizenry.
A strategic plan for creative orientation of youths toward their empowerment should be anchored on functional education and entrepreneurial training, acquisition of core family values, exemplary leadership and mentorship, self-development for self-reliance, career fairs and seminars, good self-concept.
This could strengthen the youths to become excellent professionals that will manage the national economy and polity for shared prosperity of the people in a dynamic world of greater possibilities and achievements.

Meet the Youth Initiative is a social gathering that connects students with alumnus from different fields to develop ideas and build Knowledge about their future carriers. Learning from wide variety of experiences can clarify the path of new generations leading to a fruitful and prosperous environment.

The research problem

Regardless of the type of research you want to conduct, you must know how to formulate a research question.

Research questions

Once the research problem has been identified, the next step is to formulate research questions to be answered by the study.

The scientific approach in research

We cannot talk about science without talking about a scientific approach or method.


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