"If you think you're smart, think twice to be smarter."

General knowledge competitions play a huge role in motivating learners to acquire research and study various information from different fields, thus enhancing their learning abilities. The competing aspect creates rivalry not only between learners but also amongst school communities, due to the shared efforts of the school staff throughout the preparations and the cheering and support during then competition. This kind of activities is an immense factor in building self-confidence, a crucial feat for the learners in all the stages of development. Encountering different subjects expose the learners to information related to various fields can attract them to a certain one therefor giving them a clear idea regarding which field they are going to choose.

SMARTER® is a general knowledge competition that has a modern and innovative approach using new technologies as a mean to enhance the learner’s experience.

SMARTER® aims to:

- Train learning habits and how to be a good listener

- Acquire strengths and resilience in decision making

- Be responsible

- Be productive in our free time

- Encourage cultural and cognitive rivalry

- Show the importance of books as a reference

- Encourage reading and writing

- Spread cultural awareness

- Plant the seed of curiosity

- Build self confidence

- Enhance talents and productive abilities

- Provide guidance in scientific research

- Enrich our knowledge in various fields

- Link entertainment with the process of learning

The research problem

Regardless of the type of research you want to conduct, you must know how to formulate a research question.

Research questions

Once the research problem has been identified, the next step is to formulate research questions to be answered by the study.

The scientific approach in research

We cannot talk about science without talking about a scientific approach or method.


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